Melbourne Departure 1 March 2017

Why a blog?

In the past when we have been away we have tried to keep in touch.  But it’s never easy.  Some of you tried to persuade us to try doing this via Facebook.  For one reason or another we discarded that.  So we are giving a blog a go.  As well as it being a way to keep in touch we also see it doubling and becoming our diary of the trip.  10 weeks is a long time and we decided that we need to make it as easy as possible to keep it up.

We will also try to learn to include photos along the way.  The picture at the top is on the front page of one of our PCs and has been keeping us excited for the last few weeks.  It will be several weeks before we get there but it is the parador in which we are staying in Ronda in southern Spain.  Our dentist was keen to encourage us to stay in a number of paradors.  This will be our one and only as they are pretty pricey.

3 days to go.

It is Monday night.  Al has almost finished all his church work.  I have almost finished spring cleaning the house.  Definitely two full days of getting away needed.  My clothes are all over the dining room table, ready for their second sort.  Al’s haven’t go that far yet.  Time for bed – we will start again tomorrow.




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