Arriving in Berlin

This Episode was begun as we were descending into Berlin. We have just been told it is 5 degrees, around midday and a strong breeze and light rain.  So this is the reality of Europe in winter. I can see very pretty icicles on the inside of my window. The trip was good. We slept for about 9 hours on the long first leg to Doha, ate well and felt much better for it. The 6 hours across to Berlin has dragged more as we haven’t slept – but OK.

Berlin Tegel is a tiny airport – having just been to Doha we could’t believe it.  Almost has a regional feel about it.  In Doha we walked about a km to get to the next lounge.  Anyway we picked up a Berlin equivalent myki and off we were on the bus.  It took us in about 15 mins to the zoo where we changed to the underground for 1 stop then walked 10 mins and we were at the apartment.  Very easy.  It is a very nicely modernised one bedroom and study apartment in a solid 5 story 60s block, with good kitchen, bathroom and a roomy living room.  It will be pleasant and easy to live in.  We had an admin afternoon doing a bit of shopping, walking around our area and taking in melatonin, and getting a few bits of food and a SIM card, helping our tenants master our wifi (which needed the modem to be turned off and on again), and finally finding a very lovely bistro next door for a good Italian feed and half a litre of red. We slept well for 6 hours until 3am but our bodies are now a bit confused – hence sleeping pills.  I had another 4 hours, and Al more like 6.  So we are breakfasted, and ready to launch out.  Al is just talking with our hosts in NM who are helping him install the SIM card – an Aldi one but all instructions are in German.  Success.

Lovely day.  Sunny and 4 to 9 degrees.

We thought Lola would really like to see our purple bed.


One thought on “Arriving in Berlin”

  1. Great post and glad you arrived safely. Also good to see how helpful you and the Germans in NM are to each other! My (David) first trip to Berlin in December was too short to see much, but I left with the impression that there’s lots to see, what with all the leftovers from WWII and the East-West divide. I think the German parliament is a particularly interesting building. German politics should also be fascinating, with their election later in the year, and Merkel’s humanitarian stance towards refugees coming under so much challenge. We are also impressed by your commitment to German public transport. Our challenge, in the Latin American cities we visited, was to find the man in the arrivals hall with broken English and a sign reading ‘Wilkinson family ‘. Then again, German public transport is pretty impressive.


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