And today a Gallery

We seem to be into a slow start routine. By the time we clean up the blog which we have mainly written the night before, and done a few planning things, it is usually after 10. But after all it is a holiday. We are sitting here at 8.40 pm our time enjoying the Classic FM Women’s Day effort. As you probably know the ABC is using woman announcers all day, and playing music composed and performed by women. Not sure how RN will do it. Good on the ABC.

Today we spent the bulk of the day at the Germaldegalerie. This gallery owns an important collection of European art from 13 century up to around 1800. It started off in 1830 in the Royal Museum building with works chosen from the royal palaces and some private collections. During Germany’s tumultuous years the collection was split up until in 1998 it moved into the new gallery building it is in today.  Today’s feature image – Lucas Cranach, The Fountain of Youth (1546) – hit the spot for us.

A free audio was supplied and that was invaluable and we were able to go our separate ways. We spent 4 hours with a break to eat our picnic sandwich. It is a large gallery. One of the things which was really good about the audio was that as well as interpreting the painters, they also made a real effort to describe how particular paintings got into the collection. That was fascinating.  Tucked away in the collection we stumbled across a Gainsborough painting of John Wilkinson, the steel industrialist who Aunt Mary Horrocks thought was an ancestor of ours.

For us it was terrific to find Caravaggio getting a lot of emphasis as we love his work. He had such a strong influence on many painters who were either working at the same time or who followed, and you can really see it reflected in their paintings.. It was very exciting to find one of his paintings which we had never seen before. Love Victorious – we have a print on our bedroom wall.

We didn’t finish there till after 4, but decided to visit the Pergamon museum before it closed at 6pm. It is a purpose built museum to house a collection of monumental architecture, and classical sculpture from Greece, Rome, Babylon and the Middle East. Most of it was excavated by German archeologists and brought to Berlin early in the 20th Century. Pinched really.

IMG_0555The pieces of architecture, in particular the Ishtar Gate is fantastic. Right now they are doing a renovation so the big draw card – the Pergamon Altar – cannot be viewed. Housed in the Pergamon is also an Islamic Museum.  We will go back another day as we ran out of time before we could really use the audio which is supplied. The photos will give you an idea of how amazing it is.

Home by 7.30 after a food shop. We usually find ourselves sitting down to dinner and listening to the ABC 6am news on RN – and that happened again tonight. Good to keep in touch. That’s it for the day.


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