Farewell to Bonn

Our train was due to leave at 2pm on Friday 17. We left the house early and had a fantastic drive to the closest wine growing area which is in the Rhine Valley. Our photos are all taken at one look out point at Dernau.

It is a very hilly area and the vines are grown in terraces up and down the hills. It is marvellous to see. It has to be back breaking work as the hills are really very steep. Very different from Australian vineyards. This gives an idea of just how steep they are.  There are a large variety of wines grown, and they are produced in the villages in which they are grown. Wine growing is a big thing in Germany. Each area nominate Wine Queens each year and it is their job to promote the local product.

We had a pleasant walk through an adjoining village and then headed for Bonn Central station. We farewelled Heidrun and Horst on the station and then discovered the train was running very late. So we had a fairly cold wait – over an hour. Now after several more delays we are just an hour from Berlin.


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