Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

Oh my goodness, it’s Saturday and it’s April Fools Day! A special memory of Marg Francis whose birthday was today.

After Al had done a bit more sorting out of our Aldi Talk SIM card, we were off to another terrific museum, about a 20 minute walk. We had two long sessions there. First from 12 till 2, then lunch, and another session from 3.30 to 7pm.

No, we are not in Hungary.  This Museum consists of paintings collected by the Thyssen-Bornemisza family and acquired by the Spanish state in 1993. The art covers late 13th century to the 1980s. The gallery was a former palace. So as you can imagine, it has a bit of everything. Sad to say, we didn’t manage this one as an over-65 freebie!

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

As with yesterday’s gallery, the audio guide was tremendously helpful, and again we feel a lot more intelligent in our interpretations. We do not feel sophisticated when it comes to art, and really enjoy the learning we manage on these outings. We were pleased that there was one Caravaggio – Santa Catherine of Alexandria. Other masters included Hans Holbein, Carpaccio, Durer, Canaletto, Rubens, Rembrandt, Renoir, Monet, Rodin, Degas, Manet, Van Gogh, Dali, Kandkinsky. If you want more info about what we saw we can give it to you one of these days.  (The legs you find here may remind you of a street vista in yesterday’s blog.)

Budapest exhibition

A significant bonus on this visit is that there is a temporary exhibition of works from the Budapest National Art Gallery. This has happened because the Budapest Gallery is being refurbished and they requested the Madrid Gallery to look after 90 of their canvases. For us this was quite significant as when we planned this trip we were going to Budapest and of course would have wanted to go to the gallery which we had heard of from Geoff and Helen Bridge. So nothing lost there.  The only trap was that, being a special,exhibition from another gallery, no photos were allowed.  To give you a flavour, we snapped the advertising posters.

Another great lunch

IMG_0893We had a very necessary break for lunch and found near the gallery another restaurant – The Bull – with a ‘Menu Diario’. 13 euro each today as it is Saturday, and this menu is chiefly to attract locals in their lunch break. Again we were the only non-tourists in the room with a number of talkative Madrilenos. Every bit as good as yesterday’s meal and we were very hungry. A lovely bread roll, and bottle of red to accompany our lunch. We again shared each course which consisted of a bowl of gazpacho , and a paella for first course. Second course was lamb cutlets for one, and calamari for the other. Both with chips and salad and maintaining a terrific standard. And an extremely good coffee to finish. We were a little concerned we might go to sleep during our second session at the gallery, but we were fine.

On leaving the gallery, we found the streets deserted of cars, people walking up the middle of the road, and police cars at the main plazas we could see.  The response from a policeman to my question was that there was a ‘manifestacion’ in progress – a demonstration!  The traffic was blocked off almost all the way we walked home.  This gives you an idea of the impact of an impending demonstration in Madrid.

Down the main artery Calle de Alcala towards Plaza de Cibeles

It is now 10.00 pm. We have been relaxing and putting our blog together and we have not eaten. The Madrilenos will be out there eating by now but we had our ‘meal of the day’ at 2.00, and what’s more, don’t have their stamina. We will probably nibble some fruit and go to bed.


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