The Prado

Nothing else to talk about today – Monday 3 – as we spent all day at the Prado. Fortunately we had bought our tickets online before leaving Oz. We arrived before the gallery opened and already the queue was very long. It probably would have taken an hour or so to get in, but we walked straight in, stowed our bag, collected audios and were under way by 10.10.

As indicated by our feature image today – part of the floor plan brochure – the collection is huge. At its core is the Royal Collection of mainly 16th and 17th century paintings which have been transferred from palaces around Madrid, and further afield such as Toledo and Seville.

The strongest emphasis is on Spanish painters – many by Goya and Velazquez. Also a large collection of Italian masterpieces by such as Fra Angelico, Raphael, Botticelli, Titian, Tintoretto, Caravaggio. Only one by the latter,  but we were fascinated how often the audio used him as a benchmark in relation the chiaroscuro painting style for which he is famous.  There is a large collection of Flemish and Dutch work, including Rubens, Breughel, Rembrandt, Van Dyck among others. As in all the galleries, we were very impressed with the audio. In such a huge gallery it helped us to decide on what we would concentrate.  Even so, we spent 8 hours there.



Around 10am to 2pm, a break for one of our usual great Menus of the Day at The Bull, then back at 3 till 7pm. We walked home a great deal more slowly than we walked there, and were extremely glad to get our bodies horizontal.



We have bought the Prado catalogue as the only way we will be able to remember just how much we saw and the stories surrounding many of the key canvasses. The images in this blog which we particularly loved – lifted from the catalogue because no photos at all were allowed – will give you just a taste. Come and thumb through the book one day.



Al did break the rules just twice when he came across two people creating small copies of two large canvasses. Amazing to see people working like that in a gallery like the Prado.