Easter Sunday in Sevilla

Happy Easter everybody. It is 10am here. With the festivities of the last week exhausting Seville, there is hardly anyone around. We have just been around the corner for our coffee and toast brekkie, and clearly the only people out and about are tourists. It will be interesting to watch what happens during the day.

This missive will be short as we have lost a few days and this is now being written well after the previous paragraph. We spent Easter Day outside, wandering around Seville. We had hoped to get to church but got to the closest one – the Carreteria Congregation – just as the service was finishing. We were there however as they began dismantling one of the floats. The two floats this church owned were squashed into the church leaving just three rows of seats for the parishioners. We were able to get a very close up view of the figures on these Paskos.  We watched them remove all the flowers from the float and then make them into little posies which they gave to women and children who were there – including us. Such a lovely thing to do. They also gave us a very good explanation of what they do with the floats between Easters. One goes into a store room next to the church, the other is dismantled and rebuilt the following year.

A huge amount of work. Two days later we saw another float (in Cadiz), being dismantled in the middle of the street and a big group of volunteers were carrying heavy bits to a storeroom. Clearly the float would not fit down the little street where the stuff was to be stored.

As we set out to find a suitable lunch spot, we stumbled across the last of the Easter Processions – that going to and from the Cathedral.  It was the Resurrection Procession, with all of the hooded penitents completely in white.

The short clip here gives you another impression of the procession and the Paso – the Virgin Mary again but this time adorned in royal blue, no attempt to portray the resurrected Christ, and band music which is more joyful and celebratory that earlier in Easter Week.  You may wonder why the Paso appears to jump at the beginning of the clip – that’s the way the Costellanos lift the Paso onto their shoulders before starting again to move forward.

IMG_1323We had a long and lovely lunch under vines in a beautiful courtyard. Then we walked for most of the rest of the day to a couple of lovely parks. In the Parque de Maria Luisa we stumbled across yet another reminder of Australia’s past – a commemoration of Cristof Colon (Christopher Columbus), with a tribute to his sponsors Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand.

We then spent a lot of relaxed time at the Plaza de Espana which was constructed in 1928 for the 1929 international world fair for the Exposition Iberoamericana. Much of it is ornate and is statement about Spain in the 20th Century and a memory of Spain’s colonial past. The exposition building itself is huge and covered in Islamic style tiles.

We walked back to the centre along the river, which is lined with bars, and they were full. We stopped at one and enjoyed a drink – by now quite late, probably 7.30.  On our way back we again passed the Plaza del Torres, only to discover that a bull fight was under way – as might be expected on Easter Sunday!.  Al then realised that the cheery-picker in the forecourt was to televise the fight, and so he headed off for the DB van which showed the broadcast.  Arrived in time to see the Toreador administer the ‘coup-de-gras’, and you can just make him out looking down at the bull.

We then bought some stuff for dinner and went back to Jill and Dave’s apartment to cook and eat. It was a lovely change from our routine, again on the terrace on a balmy night. Our last night together.

Nearly forgot – we gave Louis a FaceTime call for his birthday. We had given him a sleeping bag and he was in it when we rang. Hard to know what he made of where we are. They were in Traralgon.

Seville has been terrific – we and the Parry’s are all so pleased we arranged it this way.