Farewell to Bonn

Our train was due to leave at 2pm on Friday 17. We left the house early and had a fantastic drive to the closest wine growing area which is in the Rhine Valley. Our photos are all taken at one look out point at Dernau.

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Bonn – West Germany’s Temporary Capital

Unfortunately, Heidrun has very poor lung quality and finds she cannot cope with much walking so on Wednesday 15 we went with Horst for a further exploration of Bonn. (I am writing this as we are sitting recovering at the end of the day, listening to Beethoven’s 9th.)  We wandered in the beautiful piazzas of Bonn – called a platz in German. They are surrounded by superb and ornate buildings some which escaped the bombing in the war, others built again since. The overall effect is a lovely city.

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To Bonn for a Reunion

The Intercity Express

We started writing this on Tuesday 14 as we sat on the train to Bonn. A bit challenging getting the train system under our belts, so we made sure we were there in plenty of time for a 9.50am take off. The train is presently cruising at 220 km per hour and is unbelievably smooth. If you know anything about German trains it is an ICE train – intercity express. It is pretty full – pleased we reserved a seat. The info screen in the carriage comes in German, English and French – so very reassuring. Very comfortable, wifi which makes writing possible, beautiful country side. Lovely little villages with gorgeous spires, just like the postcards you see, large plots of wind farms, much farming land, just passed a large VW factory at Wolfsburg – only mentioned as our car might have come from there.

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