Barcelona – Our Trip Wrap-up

A different sort of day today, Saturday the 6th, as we went to museums. Of course the other days have been museum-like experiences but these were straight museums. We got a taxi to the first one – taxis here are almost the same price as buses when you have 4 in the taxi, so when it is convenient we have been using them.

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Barcelona’s Gaudi

Gaudi Houses

It’s now Thursday 4 May, and we first walked to look at a number of Antonio Gaudi houses in Passeig de Gracia – the Champs Elyssee of Barcelona – a short walk from where we are living. They are amazing as you will see from the pictures. The style of art and architecture at the turn of the 20th-century has been given different terms in different countries – including Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Secessionist, Reformist, and Modernismo here in Spain.

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Breathtaking Barcelona

Left Valencia today, Tuesday 2 May, walking 20 minutes to the station to catch the 10.05am train to Barcelona. We were there by 2pm. We had directions to go to the restaurant of our AirBnB hostess’s father – so this we did and ordered his menu of the day as Joelie and Ken had not yet arrived. Not long after we started eating Ken turned up, then went and got Joelie so we had our reunion as we finished our lunch. That of course was a lot of fun.

The apartment we are sharing is in L’Eixample (pron. ‘lay-sharm-pla’), one of the central areas in Barcelona. It is a very nice quirky place. Our hostess, Nadia, is an artist, Joelie thinks, either a teacher or a student, and the apartment certainly reflects that. For example, our coffee table is 3 suit cases of different size on top of each other at fetching angles. On one wall in large different font letters is the word PAELLA – for which Barcelona is famous. A macrame hanging seat hangs in the sitting area, like a sitting up hammock. The book shelves are a series of packing boxes. Enough details to remind us of the place. It is very comfortable, in addition to the living-dining rooms, two bedrooms with comfy double beds, plenty of cupboard space, a washing machine which the Wilkos have already used for their very large number of dirty clothes. So, well set up for the week.

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