We took 8 hours to reach Bilbao from Salamanca – on Sunday 9. We left Salamanca at midday and changed trains twice – once at Avila, and again at Palencia. It sounds a long time but it was really pleasant and we had a couple of hours waiting at the stations. We spent a great time looking out the window at constantly changing scenery – one of the good things about train travel. In the earlier part lots of olive plantations, vines, heavy cropping, wind farms, and fields of solar panels. The last hour into Bilbao was stunning with fantastic views each side as the train travelled through the mountains on a very twisting route. We had a compass and it was just amazing watching the way the train had to change direction 180 degrees a couple of times as the rail lines pushed through the rock. It is definitely one of those great train journeys of the world.

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