Cadiz – the oldest settlement in Europe

Monday 17 April

A walk to the Seville station mid-morning for the 11.09 to Cadiz. We noticed that kids were going to school – no Easter Monday holiday when the country takes the pre-Easter Holy Week (Semana Santa) off for multiple daily processions!  We met Jill and Dave on the station – they were off on a train to Malaga at the same time where they are to spend a couple of days before flying back to London. Only a 2 hour trip to Cadiz, and a 10 minute walk to our accommodation. Our first back packer place ever. It is called Casa Caracol. We are very impressed with the set up. It is clean, well appointed, a shared sitting room and a shared kitchen and dining room, with breakfast provided. No wonder it gets such accolades in Lonely Planet. Of course everyone is 50 to 60 years younger than us. But they are all very friendly and the staff are incredibly helpful. They had suggestions for places to visit and for food and we have tried them very successfully.

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