Ravishing Ronda

Monday 19 April

Up at 7am for breakfast and a 9am bus to Ronda, fortunately less than 10 minutes to the bus station. We are so impressed with the trains, and now buses. They are so efficient, always leave on time, everyone in the business is helpful. They simply work superbly and although I started off a bit nervous, with all sorts of ‘what ifs’ in my mind, I now have every confidence in the system.

The bus to Ronda took 3 hours, and held our interest the entire time. Neither of us did anything other than look out the window. The bus called at many small villages – probably about 10. They have to go into the village even if there is no one to pick up as people pay when they get on without booking, so it is really just like a suburban bus. The second half of the journey was so scenic, with long views across hills of olives, strawberry beds, wheat fields, and very high rugged mountains. It is a journey worth doing by bus, not train, as you get to see the country side just that much better.

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