Unexpected Achievements

Here it is, Monday 6 March. Over our jet lag and determined to get some ‘out of Berlin’ rail bookings in place. Expected we would fix that in an hour or so, leaving the rest of the day for some art gallery experience for a change. That was not to be – let’s say we made up for our three month leave of absence from the Equilibrium Gym, and came up against the horror of the Third Reich and the post-war creation of the divided Germany and Berlin.

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The Berlin Story

We spent half of Sunday on The Age, blog administration, background reading, and resting Al’s tender foot. Our Aussie neighbour called in to say hullo. Sheila is from Apollo Bay in Victoria and is currently a teacher at a Berlin International Primary School. Walked to the nearby ‘Story of Berlin’ museum and visited their 1973 Nuclear Bomb Shelter.

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Getting down to business

Just home after a day which was heavy on feet and minds. So we have taken off our shoes, made a cup of tea and sat down to blog.

First the weather. Just gorgeous. Forecast was for 12 but in fact it reached 16. The effect on the people and families of Berlin is amazing. They are out on the pavements chatting over drinks, out on their bikes, walking everywhere. You can see them coming out of hibernation. Mind you it’s not over – the next few days are not going to be like this – but you enjoy it while you can.

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On the basis of good advice from our Home Exchange partners in North Melbourne, we kicked off on our monthly transport tickets by taking one bus (number 100) through the centre of the city, and transferring to another (the 200) which took us to a suburban terminus to the north-west. On returning the 200 took us back towards home via Potsdam Platz and the Philharmonie Concert Hall.

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Arriving in Berlin

This Episode was begun as we were descending into Berlin. We have just been told it is 5 degrees, around midday and a strong breeze and light rain.  So this is the reality of Europe in winter. I can see very pretty icicles on the inside of my window. The trip was good. We slept for about 9 hours on the long first leg to Doha, ate well and felt much better for it. The 6 hours across to Berlin has dragged more as we haven’t slept – but OK.

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Melbourne Departure 1 March 2017

Why a blog?

In the past when we have been away we have tried to keep in touch.  But it’s never easy.  Some of you tried to persuade us to try doing this via Facebook.  For one reason or another we discarded that.  So we are giving a blog a go.  As well as it being a way to keep in touch we also see it doubling and becoming our diary of the trip.  10 weeks is a long time and we decided that we need to make it as easy as possible to keep it up.

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