Grand Granada II

The Graffiti Walk – Thursday 27 April

We had noticed that the Lonely Planet describes what they call a Graffiti Walk. Granada has a great deal of modern street art, the most well known artist being El Niño de las Pinturas. The walk focuses on the art but in the process takes you through two of Granadas most definitive neighbourhoods. It took us the best part of 4 hours, and we walked a long way although we also popped in at various interesting looking places as we went.

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Grand Granada I

We travelled from Córdoba to Granada on Tuesday 25 April, first by train to Antiquera and then by bus for the rest of the journey as the new rail link is still under construction. (We hear the delay is due to a dispute between the Granada and Seville authorities – sounds like a local council dispute with which we are quite familiar!). Quite a quick trip – we were in Granada by around 4pm.

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